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Courses delivered by HLP Therapy

HLP Therapy Courses

At HLP Therapy we pride ourselves on delivering the best courses within the UK and worldwide. 


A combination of Face to Face and Online Courses to suit any Health Professional.


Enhance your current practice or learn new skills in Postnatal Assessments, Pelvic Floor Assessments, C-Section Recovery and Advanced C-Section and SCAR Practice. 

Please make sure you have the correct insurance to complete the course. You will need to be insured for massage therapy. We are not responsible for organising your insurance and there are no refunds or transfers once you have booked one of our courses. 

All courses are delivered by Hannah Poulton - Womens Health Physiotherapist, with over 22 years experience within Physiotherapy, Womens Health, Scar Therapy, Acupuncture and Taping. We deliver outstanding, 5star, courses. Our face to face courses include: Evidence based practice, current research, demonstrations and hands on treatment and assessment of real scars, manual treatment techniques, outcome measures, product samples, medical devices, private scar therapy group and on going support, to enhance and excel your current practice.


                              For our mums - we have an online course and an E-Book:


C-Section Masterclass for Mums : Learning how to prepare for a c-section and how to recover well. 


C-Section Recovery Guide – eBook : Empowering mums in c-section preparation, procedure and after care recovery. 

Online Course For Health Professionals

If you have paid for an online course please click the appropriate link below which will take you to your course page.

You will need to sign up, create a password and we will then grant access for your course. 

Thanks you from Hannah & the team at HLP Therapy

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