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Breast scar treatment from HLP Therapy
Breast Augmentation Scar Treatments

Reduce the pain, pulling and appearance of your Breast Surgery Scars

Scar Treatment for Breast Augmentation & Breast Reduction Scarring in Leicester

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Start your Breast Scar Healing Journey:

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Breast Reduction Scar Treatment

Having breast reduction surgery is a major decision for a woman to make. We understand that you will have made this decision for many different reasons. These could include: problems (such as pain) with your breasts, problems with your back or simply because you don’t like how they look.

At HLP Therapy, we offer gentle scar therapy, to help your breast reduction scars to heal. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and confident in your body, which is why we use different techniques to help the healing process of your scars. We also address the emotional concerns and response to breast reduction treatment. Our treatments are holistic; looking at you as a person and tailoring your treatment and rehab plans accordingly.

Breast Augmentation Scar Treatment

A lady with a vest top on looks in the mirror and clutches around her breast after surgery

As with breast reduction surgery scars, we treat breast augmentation scars in the same way. Your healing journey is of paramount importance to us, which is why we always offer a gold standard of care to our clients.

The appearance of your scar after breast augmentation or reduction surgery often depends on different factors. These include your age, skin tone, genetics and the condition of your skin.

The scar treatment we offer for both breast augmentation and breast reduction scars will be completely tailored to you as an individual. We use different methods for the best possible healing, including: 

  • An in depth consultation

  • Full body movement assessment

  • Scar assessment

  • Manual scar massage techniques

  • Specialist scar equipment (such as the LymphaTouch, R-Shock devices and Laser Therapy)

  • Nutrition and hydration advice

  • Emotional support

  • Scar products

  • Scar rehab plan

What Clients Say

HLP Therapy was recommended to me for scar therapy following surgery. I was told that Hannah could work miracles, and she has certainly not disappointed. Hannah's holistic approach to treatment has been exactly what I have needed to heal from a very traumatic time in my life.

There was a massive difference in the feeling of my scar after the first session (less tightness and pain), and along with follow up appointments and advice for self-massage inbetween appointments this has made a huge difference to the look and feel of the scar tissue I'll be living with for the rest of my life.

Hannah is incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. I would recommend her to anyone who's recovering from surgery; scar therapy ought to be offered as standard.

- Hannah Worthington

We Care Deeply about Women’s Health

As a Physiotherapy and Scar Treatment clinic that specialise in women’s health, we want you to feel safe and listened to. We understand that your scars may make you feel self-conscious, which may impact your confidence levels. That is why you are our main priority, and we are here to fully support you. Our goal is to work with you, delivering expert treatment and advice and to ensure your safe healing & recovery both on a physical and psychological level. 

HLP Therapy have decades of experience in breast scar treatment and women’s health physiotherapy. For this reason we are confident that you and your scars will heal well and you will receive full support from the HLP Therapy team before, during & after the treatment process.

Breast Surgery Scar Treatment FAQ’s

How long will it take for my breast surgery scars to heal?

It’s hard for us to give a definitive timeline as every breast scar is different. It can take at least 6 weeks for the incision to properly close and heal and then up to 2 years for it to fully reach maturity. Consequently, we can only start breast scar massage therapy at approx. 6 weeks after surgery. It’s for that reason coupled with skin type, genetics, nutritional status and age that we are unable to give an exact answer. However, we can promise to provide you with optimum care to ensure you heal and recover properly after such a major surgery.

Does breast surgery scar treatment hurt? 

It shouldn’t hurt, as scar therapy is a gentle treatment. However, if your breast scars are still painful, please talk to one of our therapists in your initial consultation with us. We will then be able to adjust our treatment accordingly to help reduce pain and desensitise the area. Your scars need to be fully closed, no stiches or staples left and no infection in the scar, before we can commence treatment. 

How long after Breast Reduction / Augmentation Surgery can I massage my scars?

After your surgery, your consultant and/or breast care nurse should give you specific advice on when you can start self-scar massage. They should also give you basic advice on how to look after your scars. If this was not your experience, and you have just had breast surgery, then please contact your local hospital, consultant or breast nurse in the first instance. We give general advice on how to look after your scars on our YouTube page, which you may find helpful. 
Indirect scar massage (so not directly over the scar) can start within the first 4 weeks after surgery. We recommend gentle, direct scar therapy at approx. 4-6 weeks post-surgery. 

I had Breast surgery over 2 years ago, will scar therapy still help me? 

At HLP Therapy, we work on scars from 6 weeks old to 27 years old – all with great results! A scar takes up to two years to reach maturity, so you have plenty of time to see real differences with our treatments. However, if your scars are over 5-10 years old, changes may take longer. With our bespoke treatments and detailed scar rehab plans, together we can make a difference to the function and feeling of your scar. 

Women's Health Matters

At HLP Therapy, we pride ourselves on listening, understanding and offering treatments and therapies that help the healing process with ongoing support.

As the UK leading scar therapist, we offer treatments on ANY TYPE OF SCAR including C section scars, breast augmentation / reduction scars and breast cancer scars. 

Our team specialise in physiotherapy, which includes popular therapies for women such as women’s health physiotherapy and a postnatal check called The Natal Check. You can find our physiotherapy clinic in Leicester.
Other therapies provided include
acupuncture (which is often a complementary therapy used alongside other therapies), also sports massage and pregnancy & postnatal massage.

You can take a look at our online shop which stocks many scar related products, including our ever popular C-Section recovery kit.

Please feel free to contact us or book a treatment – we’d love to see you!

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