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What: Foundation C-section and Abdominal scar course 
When: Saturday June 29th 2024 
Where: Roseanna Grace Physio, 89 Holly Avenue, Jesmond, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE2 2QB  
Cost: £389 
For: MSK or Women’s health physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, GPs, Midwives, Sports Therapists   


Unlock the Secrets of Effective C-Section & Abdominal Scar Treatment 


Do you work in the healthcare industry and are seeking to make a profound difference in your clients' lives? The journey to recovery for many individuals can be marred by the presence of abdominal scars. In fact, abdominal scarring can cause many complications including: restricted mobility, reduced feeling, body image disorders and struggles with daily activities. 


Mark your calendars for June 29th, 2024, as Roseanna Grace Physio in Newcastle plays host to an immersive one-day scar course from 9.30 am to 5pm, aimed at empowering you with the expertise needed to address these challenges effectively. 


Meet Your Mentor: UKs Leading C-Section and Scar Specialist, Hannah Poulton

With over 22 years of physiotherapy experience, Hannah Poulton (HLP Therapy Limited) is a recognised expert in scar treatment. Currently pursuing a PhD in scarring, while also running a busy clinic and teaching, Hannah is dedicated to advancing scar management techniques. Hannah delivers this inclusive scar course for everyone. It’s not just for Physios!  


Enhance Client Recovery with Specialised Techniques

This course goes deep into understanding abdominal scarring and how it affects movement and recovery. You'll learn through engaging lectures, practical demonstrations, group discussions, and problem-solving activities to master: 


  • Understanding the rise in C-Sections: Navigate through UK statistics and government initiatives concerning caesarean births.
  • Unveiling the Nature of Scarring: Explore the nuances of scar tissue formation, adhesions, and wound healing processes. 
  • Tailoring Assessment & Treatment Approaches: Adapt your clinical strategies to address the unique challenges posed by scarring. 
  • Identifying Scar Varieties & Effective Assessment Techniques: Equip yourself with the skills to recognise different scar types and conduct comprehensive assessments.
  • Harnessing Evidence-Based Practices: Explore the latest research supporting scar mobilisation techniques and documentation methods.
  • Understanding the Role of Fascia: Gain insights into the pivotal role of fascia in scar management and overall bodily function.

...and so much more!! 



Personalised Learning Experience

Feel the benefit of an intimate group setting which is tailored for personalised attention. This encourages collaborative learning where insights are shared, and skills honed collectively. 


Navigating Emotional Considerations

Delve into the emotional dimensions of scar management, understanding how psychological factors can influence the recovery journey for your clients. 


Practical Application for Lasting Impact

Transition theory into action with hands-on sessions designed to equip you with practical skills for immediate implementation in your practice: 

  • Master bespoke scar treatment techniques developed by HLP Therapy. 
  • Create personalised scar rehabilitation plans tailored to individual client needs. 
  • Explore the role of diagnostic ultrasound and innovative technologies like WINBACK and LymphaTouch in scar management. 
  • Engage with leading product suppliers, gaining firsthand experience in using scar treatment products effectively. 




Enrol today and gain FREE access to the online course, "SCARS: How to Treat Them," a comprehensive resource valued at £349, featuring over 21 instructional videos covering various aspects of scar management. 


Invest in Your Skills and Make a Difference! 

Secure your spot today for just £389 and embark on a journey towards transforming your practice. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!  
Elevate your ability, empower your clients – join us at the Scar Course in Newcastle! 


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact:

One Day C-Section & Abdominal Scar Course - NEWCASTLE

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