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Treatment on ANY scars - A child receives scar treatment on his leg scars

Enhance your
by Reducing the
Tightness and Appearance
of your Scars

Book your initial appointment under 'Initial scar therapy' - 60mins treatment with Hannah or Charlotte

Start your Scar Healing Journey at the
UK Leading Scar Therapy Clinic

At HLP Therapy, we understand that your scars may be having a huge impact on you both physically and emotionally. In many cases, our scars are reminders of a huge turning point that happened in our lives, which can sometimes be traumatic. It's for this reason that our founder Hannah Poulton became so passionate about scar therapy.

Her personal experience of multiple surgeries, coupled with over 22 years within Physiotherapy have led her to helping numerous individuals recover well. In fact, she is the leading scar specialist in the UK - so you're in good hands!

A lady holds her hand up to the scar on her neck which has visible stitches

Whilst it's true that a scar is a scar for life, it's often not widely known that both the function, feeling and appearance of your scar can be greatly improved with scar treatment. At our Leicester based clinic, we can treat EVERY kind of scar.

Take a look at some of our most popular scar treatments below. 

Colourful Green graphic which links to the C Section Scar Massage Page - the image has a drawn graphic of a lady with a c section scar
pink graphic that links through to the breast scar and mastectomy scar treatment page  - the graphic shows a white bra with the pink cancer awareness ribbon
purple graphic that link through to the breast reduction and breast augmentation scar treatmnt page

Treatment for ALL Scars

It's worth noting that whilst these are our more popular treatments, we do offer scar treatment​ for both men and women on any type of scar. We have a huge range of clients that have come to us for scar treatment on orthopaedic scars, knee and hip replacement scars, cosmetic surgery scars, heart surgery scars, thyroid scars, neck cancer scars... you name it, if it's a scar - we will treat it!

Take a look at some of the amazing results our clients
have had after scar treatment

Before and after picture of a man with a neck scar after receiving scar treatment from HLP Therapy
Elbow scar before and after scar treatment
Arm scar before and after scar treatment
Head scar before and after scar therapy

How Scar Treatment Works

Every scar treatment plan we offer is different - because every person, scar, skin type and story is different. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to healing from scars which is why we tailor a recovery plan specifically for you and your scar.

You will start with an initial 60 minute consultation, assessment and treatment (please
book this treatment under the scar therapy tab - 60 minutes with Hannah or Charlotte). This in-depth consultation will include a full assessment of you and your scar and we will select the best course of action to take for the most effective scar changes. We will then asses your movement; see how the scar restricts you, or how the scar changes as you move. We will then treat your scar using the following treatment therapies:

  • Manual scar massage techniques

  • Specialist scar equipment (such as the LymphaTouch, R-Shock devices and Laser Therapy)

  • Acupuncture (if clinically indicated)

  • Taping

  • Scar products (such as gels, silicone sheets and oils)

Acupuncture to help scar healing
Hannah massages a C Section scar
A lady has silicone strips on her neck scar

During your appointment, we can assess and see how the scar is responding to treatment. 
You are always in control of your treatment sessions and will be informed every step of the 
way what treatments we are providing.

Following your treatment (within the initial 60mins Scar Therapy appointment), we will also devise you a scar rehab plan. Using our expert knowledge and skills of the human body and scar recovery, your individualised scar plan will help accelerate your scar recovery. We will give you advice and guidance on self-scar massage, movement and exercise, ergonomic changes - all with the goal in helping you and your scar recover well. 

Scar Therapy Reviews from our Lovely Clients:

"Following extensive surgery on my neck about 6 months ago, i've been ​having scar therapy at HLP and the difference that Hannah has made has been the point where most people now can't even see that I have a scar. Not only is the treatment when you're with Hannah first class, she also offers lots of advice and tips re things that you can be doing in-between sessions to help the healing process.

My expectations have been exceeded on every level and I can't recommend 
Hannah and her team highly enough."

- Andy

Watch: How Scar Therapy Changed Andy's Life:

Scar Treatment in the UK - FAQ's

Will the appearance of my scar change?

Firstly, it's important to note that a scar will never disappear, it's a scar for life. However, as we treat your scar and help reduce, pain, pulling, overhang, tightness etc., the aesthetics of your scar will also improve. 

Healing from a scar is not just about appearance, but also how it feels. Some scars show huge improvements after just a few weeks, other scars can take several months before the client is happy with the changes. There are so many factors to consider, including:

  • Where your scar is situated

  • If it was a planned or emergency surgery 

  • The type of scar you have

  • Your skin type

  • Your age

  • Past medical history

  • The age of the scar 

  • Genetics

The one thing we can promise is that HLP Therapy will ensure you and your scar heal properly and with a gold standard of care. There is no one else within the UK who provides this level of 
treatment, service, understanding and care. 

Does Scar Therapy / Scar Massage hurt?

No, scar treatment doesn't hurt. In fact, it's a very gentle treatment designed to relieve any feeling of any tightness or pulling, puckering or overhang. If you are feeling any pain in your scar, please let one of our therapists know in your consultation. As a result we will adjust the treatment methods accordingly and ensure that you are comfortable and not feeling any pain.

Is it too late to get Scar treatment?

We have many clients contact us to ask if we are able to help their scar, as it is a number of years old. The truth is, a scar doesn't reach full maturity for 2 years and a scar can be treated generally from 6 weeks old until 27 years old! We have seen huge improvements on scars that are many years old, treating and supporting clients who thought “nothing could be done.” However, scar changes maybe slower in older scars - especially if they are over 5-10 years. 

Can you treat a scar on any part of the body?

Yes, our therapies and treatments will help ALL scars - wherever yours is situated. If you have perineal scarring, this will be treated with manual therapy only and no mechanical devices. If you would like to ask us about your scar, please feel free to contact us. Alternatively, if you are ready to book a treatment, please go ahead and book an initial 60 minute consultation with Hannah or Charlotte (under scar therapy).

Is there anything I can put on my Scar to help it heal?

Yes, we recommend NAQI Repair oil from 2-4 weeks and NAQI Skin Optimising oil from 6 weeks plus. If your scar is red and raised then silicone is the best treatment (and is highly evidenced as best practice for hypertrophic and keloid scarring).  It's also important that your scar has no stitches, staples, openings or infections and you feel comfortable enough to touch your scar, before you start to use any products on your scar. We have a range of oils, gels and silicone strips in our online shop. We also have a C Section recovery kit with a silicone strip and silicone soap to help with your C section scars. For best results, we recommend using products as part of a self-scar massage plan. 
We also have plenty of free help and advice on our social media pages, especially
YouTube and Instagram.

Where is your Scar Therapy Clinic Based?

You can find our scar treatment clinic in Leicester. Our full address is:

The Manse, School Lane
LE19 2GS

Parking is on the street, or a small paid car park opposite. 

Any problems in finding us, please call on: 01165022777 or Contact us

Your Health Matters

At HLP Therapy, we pride ourselves on listening, understanding and offering treatments and therapies that help the healing process with ongoing support.

As the UK leading scar therapist, we offer treatments on ANY TYPE OF SCAR including C section scars, breast augmentation / reduction scars and breast cancer scars. 

Our team specialise in physiotherapy, which includes popular therapies for women such as women’s health physiotherapy and a postnatal check called The Natal Check. You can find our physiotherapy clinic in Leicester.
Other therapies provided include
acupuncture (which is often a complementary therapy used alongside other therapies), also sports massage and pregnancy & postnatal massage.

You can take a look at our online shop which stocks many scar related products, including our ever popular C-Section recovery kit.

Please feel free to contact us or book a treatment – we’d love to see you!

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