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Hannah from HLP Therapy is the UK leading scar specialist. Here she inspects the C Section scar of a client
HLP Therapy treat a raised C Section scar

C Section Scar Massage

Reducing the Pain, Tightness, Pulling & Feeling of your C-Section Scar
(without surgery)

Specialist C Section Scar Treatment &
Scar Massage Therapy in Leicester

If you’ve recently had a Caesarean (commonly known as a C-Section), you may find that your scar feels uncomfortable. It’s quite common for your scar to feel like it’s pulling, which may in turn cause discomfort elsewhere in your body such as your chest, back and pelvic floor. 

Not only that, your scar may be red, raised, tight and angry looking – which we know from professional (and personal experience), can impact how we look and feel about our bodies.  
Your scar may also impact, what you wear, intimacy with your partner, returning to exercise and so much more.

C-Section Scar Massage

Our C Section scar massage therapy uses a combination of different methods and specialist equipment to help the healing of your scar. These include:

  • A comprehensive consultation

  • A posture assessment

  • Movement assessment

  • Scar Assessment

  • Tummy check (for abdominal separation)

  • Pelvic floor check

  • Manual Scar massage techniques

  • Specialist scar equipment (such as the LymphaTouch, R-Shock devices and Laser Therapy)

  • C-Section Products

  • Dietary advice

  • Scar rehab plan

Charlotte from HLP Therapy gives a C Section Scar Massage

As mentioned previously, this will help reduce pain, discomfort and may enhance the appearance of your C section scar.

C Section Scar Massage Before & After Treatment

We’ve had so many wonderful mums come to our clinic in Leicester for scar massage therapy. Here are just a few before & after pictures of some of our clients:

Before & After image of C Section massage. The Before picture shows a deep scar, the after picture shows it has faded to almost nothing
3 stages of progress after C Section scar massage, the scar before treatment was raised and has now faded
4 Different stages of a C section scar after treatment, the first is a deep raised scar, the last is faded and not very visible
Before and after picture of a raised C section scar which has now faded a lot after C-Section Scar Massage

HLP Therapy Care about Mums

At HLP Therapy, we believe all mums are superheroes, especially those who have had a C-Section! It is therefore our mission and passion to help all mums recover well, after having a baby.

Our founder, Hannah Poulton, is the UK leading scar specialist and has decades of experience within
Physiotherapy and Scar Therapy. Hannah has shared this knowledge with her HLP Therapy Team, training them to deliver the same expert treatment and detailed care. Our combined decades of experience in treating scars, Physiotherapy, Women's Health, Postnatal Massage and Postnatal care, coupled with our passion for all things Women’s Health, means we are the experts in C section scar treatment and always provide a gold standard of care.

See what our Clients Are Saying after C Section Scar Treatment:

After just three treatments the tightness has gone completely from one scar, and much improved in the second, the discomfort is a fraction of what it used to be, and the cording greatly improved.  In addition, my range of movement is almost back to pre-surgery, my scars are flatter, smoother, paler and so much less 'angry', and my skin feels amazing.  Finally, sensation has returned to one of the two areas, I never thought it would.  I really wouldn't have believed this was possible, if it wasn't from personal experience.

- Susan

C-Section Scar Massage FAQ’s

Do C-Section Scars ever disappear completely?

Although we can certainly reduce the appearance of a C-section scar quite drastically, it will never fully disappear. A scar is a scar for life. However, we can make significant changes to the function and feeling of you scar. We also address the emotional connections with your scar too. Its imperative that we look at the psychological and physical changes after you have had a c-section birth. This combination approach will help you fully recover, after your c section. 

Why does it feel like my C Section Scar is pulling?

It might feel like your c-section scar is pulling in lots of different directions all over your body and this is because of something in our bodies called fascia.

Fascia is a collagenous, alive, hydration absorbing, slide-and-glide moving web which runs all the way from the top of your head down to your feet (front and back and everywhere)! It runs under the deep layers of your skin, through your muscular structure and over your bones. It is this “web” which holds us together. 
When you have a C-section, you are cut through the thick band of fascia which is attached from your chin down to your pubic bone. Also, everyone has a cross-like section of fascia from hip to hip.
When you have a C-section, these fascial structures under your skin are impacted and can have an effect on the tightness, pulling, movement and feeling of your scar. 

For example, you can have a C-section scar that feels like it’s pulling into your lower back. This could be because your abdominal wall is weaker after birth, but also due to the tight fascial connections impacted, as your scar is healing. 

The good news is, HLP Therapy can help with this by softening and relaxing the scar from those fascia connections deep within the body. This results in helping relieve the pain and improves the movement and function of the scar, as well as enhancing its physical appearance.

Does C Section Scar Massage Hurt?

C-section scar massage is a light and gentle treatment. It should not hurt. However, if your scar is particularly painful, or sensitive we can tailor our treatments accordioning to your needs. Always inform your scar specialist therapist within your consultation, if your scar is sensitive. We will also create a recovery plan to help aid the healing and feeling of your scar, and use de-sensitisation techniques to help your scar feel less sensitive and/or painful. 

How soon after giving Birth should I start C Section Scar Massage?

You can book in for scar therapy treatment at 6 weeks and we would also recommend starting direct scar massage, around this time. Before you start self-scar massage, you need to make sure you have no infection, no stiches or staples and no openings within the scar and you feel like you are ready to touch your scar. You can start indirect scar massage much earlier and videos of what you can do are on our Instagram page @hlptherapy.

My C-Section Scar is Really Itchy, will Scar Massage help?

The scar from your C section birth can sometimes become itchy, due to the tissue and nerves around this area starting to heal and possible dehydration. This is completely normal although incredibly frustrating! C Section scar massage can help with itchiness. With the use of correct products, massage oils and creams (which we use in clinic), scar massage therapy, direct pressure over the scar and addressing your hydration and nutritional intake, this combination approach goes towards you and your scar improving. 

Help your C Section Scar Recover at Home

Scarban C Section Recovery Kit including Silicone Scar Sheets & Silicone Cleaning

Women's Health Matters

At HLP Therapy, we pride ourselves on listening, understanding and offering treatments and therapies that help the healing process with ongoing support.

As the UK leading scar therapist, we offer treatments on ANY TYPE OF SCAR including C section scars, breast augmentation / reduction scars and breast cancer scars. 

Our team specialise in physiotherapy, which includes popular therapies for women such as women’s health physiotherapy and a postnatal check called The Natal Check. You can find our physiotherapy clinic in Leicester.
Other therapies provided include
acupuncture (which is often a complementary therapy used alongside other therapies), also sports massage and pregnancy & postnatal massage.

You can take a look at our online shop which stocks many scar related products, including our ever popular C-Section recovery kit.

Please feel free to contact us or book a treatment – we’d love to see you!

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