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This Online Course Covers:


  • Different types of Scarring
  • Fascia and the role it plays in scarring
  • How to treat different scars
  • Hearing clients stories about their scars and treatment
  • Understanding the use of different devices in clinical practice
  • Looking at new products in relation to scar and wound healing
  • Outcome measures
  • Documentation
  • Scar Products
  • Research

….and so much more!


Once you have bought this course - it is yours FOR LIFE. No subscriptions, no time limit. 

The best part? We will be updating this course on a yearly basis, so you always have access to new and current information. 


Once you have bought this course, please allow 24/48 hours for us to grant you access. At the bottom of the courses screen is a log in for this course. Please register your email address and password (only you get to see this) and we will register you within 24/48 hours. Then you can enjoy the course. Thanks once again Hannah and the HLP Therapy Team.

SCARS - How To Treat Them ONLINE Course

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