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  • Q: Is scar therapy safe? Does it hurt?
    A: Scar therapy is safe and is not painful. All the massage based techniques are gentle and rely on light touch only. We do not “friction” or “abrade” the scar. We use medical grade products and devices to help enhance your scar recovery. The treatments should feel comfortable and should never hurt.
  • Q: How many treatment sessions will I need?
    A: This all depends on what you want treated. A small mole removal scar, may take 2-3 sessions to resolve pain, discomfort or numbness. A mastectomy scar for example may take more sessions, as the level of trauma under the skin is greater. A frozen shoulder may take 4-6 sessions. We will work closely with you to ensure that we understand your treatment goals and tailor a treatment plan especially for you and your recovery.
  • Q: Where are you based?
    A: HLP Therapy is based at ‘The Manse’ on School Lane in Narborough, Leicester – LE19 2GS There is plenty of free off-street parking, with 1 and 2 hour bays. Narborough Train Station is a 5 minute walk away, and there is a car park 2minutes walk away, which is 30p for 2 hours. On arrival at HLP Therapy, please press the doorbell and WAIT to be collected. 
  • Q: I can’t even look at my scar. How will you help me?
    A: Many clients who come to us, are unable to look at or touch their scars. Talking about how they got the scar in the first instance starts the healing process. We take our time to actively listen and allow each individual to share their story. Helping to heal emotional scars can sometimes be a slow journey. There is no rush. It is a gradual process for the individual to start to look, then touch their scar, before hands on therapy treatment can begin.
  • Q: Does Scar Therapy Help with the “Overhang"?
    A: The overhang is always a combination of symptoms. For example: the over hang over a c-section scar, can be the result of: dehydration, abdominal separation, excess tissue, tight scarring, a pre existing condition. Scar therapy can help release the scar, and in your treatment session we will address these other causes to help reduce your overhang.
  • Q: I’m unsure which product to purchase for my scar.
    A: If you would like a scar product to accelerate your scar recovery, but unsure which is the right product for you, please email or phone on the contact details provided. We will be more than happy to assist you and find the product which is right for you. Contact us using the details below: Telephone: 0116 5022777 Email:
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