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Transform Your Practice with the  Acupuncture for Scarring - TWO DAY Course


What: 2-day acupuncture for scarring course 
When: 15th & 16th of May 2024 (9am – 4:30pm) 
Where: Keele University and Swan Physio Keele, Staffordshire 
Price: £399 


Are you a licensed acupuncturist looking to enhance your treatment plans and offer your clients exceptional scar healing care? 


This groundbreaking two-day course, co-hosted by scarring and acupuncture specialists Hannah Poulton (HLP Therapy) and Jon Hobbs (The Acupuncture Physio), equips you with the knowledge and practical skills to confidently integrate acupuncture into your scar management approach. 


The Acupuncture for Scarring course is held in Keele, Staffordshire, and covers a variety of topics, including: 


  • The evidence and research behind acupuncture treatment for scars 

  • Wound healing  

  • Fascia  

  • Anatomy and Physiology 

  • Different types of scars 

  • How to needle different types of scars 

  • Contraindications, precautions, different treatment modalities for scars 

  • Scar rehabilitation plans and after care  

  • Understanding how scarring impacts the body 

  • ...and so much more!! 


What you need to know: Learning modules for this 2-day course:


Day 1

  • Morning: Immerse yourself in a unique learning experience within the cadaveric labs at Keele University. Gain a profound understanding of the underlying anatomy and physiology relevant to scarring.
  • Afternoon: Delve into the scientific evidence and research supporting acupuncture's effectiveness in scar treatment. Explore wound healing processes, scar formation, and the crucial role of fascia. 


Day 2

  • Morning: Refine your needling techniques under the guidance of expert instructors. We will be using real models, with a variety of scarring (from orthopaedic scarring, breast scarring, c-sections, MSK surgeries). Together we will learn the correct techniques to needle these types of scars.
  • Afternoon: Solidify your learning through continued practice sessions and interactive discussions. Explore scar rehabilitation plans, delve into case studies, and engage in clinical reasoning exercises. 


Who should attend the Acupuncture for Scars Course? 

This course has been carefully designed for acupuncturists who currently treat clients and want to enhance their practice by offering assessments, new treatments and acupuncture for all types of scarring. Prerequisites for attendance is AACP foundation level training or equivalent


Course Benefits: 


  • Elevate your practice and distinguish yourself by offering comprehensive scar treatment solutions for a broader client base. 

  • Expand your anatomy and physiology knowledge specific to scar tissue. 

  • Refine your assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation planning for clients with scars. 

  • Gain confidence in applying acupuncture techniques for scar reduction and improved function. 

  • Network and learn from experienced instructors and fellow acupuncturists. 


Meet the Experts Guiding You: Your Course Instructors Jon & Hannah 


Jon Hobbs, a pillar of the acupuncture community, brings a wealth of experience to the table. For over 30 years, he's honed his skills as a clinician, educator, and mentor. His impressive background includes serving as Chair of the AACP and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Previously, he even led a school of physiotherapy! Jon's extensive teaching experience encompasses not only acupuncture and dry needling for over two decades, but also a decade of instructing in cadaveric anatomy. His passion for knowledge extends worldwide, as he's trained over 3,000 clinicians internationally, including physiotherapists working with prestigious teams like Team GB, Premiership Football, and even the US Navy SEALs.


Hannah Poulton, a name synonymous with scar treatment in the UK, joins Jon to create this transformative course. Fuelled by a passion for optimal healing, Hannah embarked on her physiotherapy journey in 2002. As the esteemed Clinical Director of HLP Therapy Limited, she champions a holistic approach, seamlessly integrating acupuncture with various treatment methods to achieve the best outcomes for her clients. Hannah's true specialty lies in scar management, where she's established herself as a leading expert in the UK. Her dedication to her field extends beyond patient care, as she's actively pursuing a PhD to further advance her knowledge and treatment strategies.  


Hannah's expertise and passion for scar treatment create the perfect complement to Jon's experience, ensuring you gain a well-rounded and in-depth understanding of acupuncture for scar management. 



Ready to take your scar treatment skills to the next level? 

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the transformative potential of acupuncture for scar healing – Book Now! 



There is free parking on-site and exact location, course plan and timings will be emailed to you once booked. 


Please get in touch if you have any questions:

Acupuncture for Scarring Two Day Course - Keele, Staffordshire

  • Please note that course details will be emailed to you within 72 hours of purchase.

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