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A postnatal check helps the healing and recovery of a mum after birth. Here Hannah performs The Full Natal Check on a client with a C-section scar.

The Full Natal Check

Postnatal Assessment to Check the
Healing & Recovery of a Mum after Birth

Book your initial appointment under 'women's health & postnatal treatments' - (online or at our Leicester based clinic) 60mins treatment with Hannah or Charlotte

Postnatal Care for EVERY Mum

Whether you have had a vaginal birth or a caesarean (C-section birth), The Natal Check is a must for any mum. Being pregnant for 9 months and then giving birth, (regardless of how you gave birth), can take a huge toil on your body, as well as your postnatal mental health. 

The Natal check has been specifically devised by a team of expert Women’s Health Physiotherapists (Sarah Norris and Hannah Poulton from Everything Natal). Together we have over 40 years’ experience in Physiotherapy and postnatal care. We believe EVERY mum should have the right to excellent postnatal care and attention. All too often, issues go unchecked or noticed after giving birth and mums think “this is what I have to put up with now.” We believe this is NOT the case. With the right specialist help and support symptoms can often be rectified.

A lady who has recently given birth sits on the bed in her underwear and holds the side of her tummy
A Postnatal physiotherapist performs a tummy gap assessment on a client

The Full Postnatal Check (in a Nutshell):

A Graphic which indicates that a Full Natal Check is 60 minutes long
A graphic which shows a clip board and tick boxes for the Full postnatal check
A graphic which symbolises The Full Natal Check giving you peace of mind

What is The Natal Check?

The Natal Check is a comprehensive postnatal check & assessment which is essential for your optimal recovery - regardless of how you gave birth. We can provide the check at our clinic in Leicester, or as an online service by one of our specially trained women’s health physios. 

A Full Natal Check Includes:

  • Comprehensive postnatal screening

  • Understanding the emotional impact of birth

  • Posture check

  • Abdominal Breathing assessment 

  • Tummy Gap assessment and advice 

  • C-section scar assessment, treatment and advice

  • External and Internal Pelvic floor assessment - for vaginal deliveries AND c-section deliveries (if required). 

  • Movement and strength check

  • Rehabilitation programme (which is emailed to you with videos and descriptions)

  • Bespoke self scar massage plan

  • Written self-care plan - looking at hydration, nutrition and ergonomics

Postnatal Check FAQ's

Why Should I have the Full Natal Check?

This postnatal check will give you peace of mind that your body is fully healing after giving birth. We have many clients that come to us with issues that have been hampering them since giving birth which are often overlooked. At HLP Therapy we strongly believe that no mother should be left dealing with issues that can be resolved. Therefore, please book in with us so that we can assess you and offer you treatments for any problems you may have such as tummy gap (Diastasis Recti), pelvic floor issues or bladder / bowel dysfunction, painful or tight scars or unsure of how to get back to exercise safely. 

How Long After Giving Birth Should I Book The Natal Check?

The Full Natal Check is from 6 weeks after birth. However, if you would like to be seen before this time, we can accommodate you. We strongly advise that you book in advance because this is a very popular service which gets booked up very quickly. If you are in the first 4 weeks after giving birth and have symptoms which you are concerned about, please book in with Charlotte (our specialist women’s health physiotherapist) who will be able to help you. 

How long does The Natal Check Take?

Both the in clinic and online check take 60 minutes.

How do I Book A Postnatal Check?

Please click on the ‘Book a Treatment’ button below, then scroll to ‘Women’s Health and Postnatal Treatments’ and choose either the in clinic or online option. You can see a screenshot of this below.

The Natal Check Booking.png

Meet Our Postnatal Physiotherapists

A photo of Hannah Poulton - clinical director of HLP Therapy

Hannah specialises in c-section scar therapy and treatment

Charlotte Owen in a Mummy MOT Practitioner

Charlotte our Mummy MOT practitioner

Hannah is the UK leading scar specialist, Women's health physiotherapist and co-founder of Everything Natal. She can deliver the FULL Natal check online or face to face

Our specialist women’s health physiotherapist, Charlotte, is a Mummy MOT practitioner, and can deliver the FULL Natal Check online and face to face.

Both Hannah and Charlotte can help with:

•    Postural concerns 
•    Movement and strength 
•    Pelvic pain and dysfunction 
•    Bladder and bowel dysfunction 
•    C-section scar treatment 
•    Pelvic floor exercises 
•    And so much more! 


If you would like to book with Hannah or Charlotte, please click on the button below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Complete Care for Female Health

At HLP Therapy, we pride ourselves on listening, understanding and offering treatments and therapies that help the healing process with ongoing support.

As the UK leading scar therapist, we offer treatments on ANY TYPE OF SCAR including C section scars, breast augmentation / reduction scars and breast cancer scars. 

Our team specialise in physiotherapy, which includes popular therapies for women such as women’s health physiotherapy and a postnatal check called The Natal Check. You can find our physiotherapy clinic in Leicester.
Other therapies provided include
acupuncture (which is often a complementary therapy used alongside other therapies), also sports massage and pregnancy & postnatal massage.

You can take a look at our online shop which stocks many scar related products, including our ever popular C-Section recovery kit.

Please feel free to contact us or book a treatment – we’d love to see you!

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