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Boost Your Reach & Impact: The COMPLETE Digital Social Media Bundle


This complete bundle contains our fantastic three social media packs:

  • The C-Section Digital Social Media Pack
  • The Oncology Digitial Social Media Pack
  • The Scar Therapy Specialist Start Up Pack


Focus on your clients, not social media struggles.  

Let's be honest, running a business and specialising in scar treatment is demanding. This pack is designed to free up your precious time. Here is what you’ll get: 

  • 34 x Customisable Canva Templates + Pre-written Captions: Eye-catching Instagram posts (easily resized for Facebook!) come pre-loaded with engaging captions, saving you hours of brainstorming. Simply personalise them with your brand and photos for a polished look in minutes.
  • Pre-populated Hashtags for each post: Each of the customisable Social Media posts comes with a selection of researched hashtags to amplify your reach.
  • 3 x Targeted Newsletter Template: Keep your audience informed and engaged with a pre-written email newsletter template specifically tailored to scar treatment.
  • 3 x Professional Leaflet / Flyer: A beautiful customisable  leaflet or flyer to let clients know that you offer Scar Therapy.
  • 3 x HLP Therapy branded ‘Before and After’ Graphics: Display the transformative power of scar treatment with HLP Therapy branded social media graphics – free for you to use! 


Imagine the impact you can have with the complete bundle of Social Media Packs in your corner! Focus on providing exceptional care to your clients while your social media presence does the heavy lifting. 


Special Bundle Price! 


Grab your Complete digital Social Media bundle today for just £177 (Saving £30 on the bundles individually!)


Ready to get started? Click the ‘buy’ button above to add this incredible social media bundle to your cart!  

Once bought, you will be sent the link which holds everything listed above!  


Have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us! We're here to help you thrive. 

The COMPLETE Digital Social Media Bundle - All three packs

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