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The first of its kind. Recommended by Health Professionals. Evidenced Based. Delivered to your door.


This kit is the gold standard, for the treatment of scars. Medical products included. You will not need any other products for your scar. 


What's included:


Scarban After C-Section Silicone strip PLUS silicone wash (lasts 3+ months)

Naqi Repair Oil (to be used 2-4 weeks after c-section birth)

Naqi Skin Optimising Oil (to be used 6 weeks after your C-Section Birth)

3 in 1 Belly Binder ( to be used 1-2 weeks after your c-section birth and build up wearing time, as body recovers). 




Please watch our HLP Therapy YouTube Page for more information.



Link to page:


Any questions about this amazing c-section recovery kit - please email or call us from the contact us page. Our silicone products are CE marked (which means they have passed strict UK standards). You can use this kit from 2 weeks after your c-section birth. The HLP Therapy Team are here to support you in your recovery with this amazing compelte c-section kit. 


Silicone helps reduce red, raised, tight, keloid scarring.

Our Naqi oils help heal and repair scar tissue - giving you optimal healing 

Our 3 in 1 belly binder can be made smaller, as your shape changes - giving you longer to wear when needed

Our professional Physiotherapy team are here to support you in YOUR csection recovery  

The ULTIMATE Positive C-Section Recovery Kit

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