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ALHYDRAN is a medical moisture-regulating gel cream. The proven composition of ALHYDRAN helps combat pain, itching, redness, tightness and unsightly scars. ALHYDRAN is widely used in burns centres and hospitals.


  • Less itching & redness
  • Active scar management
  • Comfortable under clothing
  • Makes the skin more supple


What makes ALHYDRAN medical gel cream stand out from many other skin care products is its highly effective, optimised combination of fresh Aloe Vera and top quality skin oils.

ALHYDRAN has been clinically tested and its effectiveness proven in various studies. ALHYDRAN ensures:


  • Strong decrease itching
  • Increase quality of life
  • Improved elasticity of the skin
  • Good moisturisation of the skin
  • Less redness of the skin
  • Children are calmer and sleep better


£49.99 (100mls)


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