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Scarban® are a leading brand in the scar product market. Their C Section recovery kit is designed to help aid the healing process of your C section scar alongside C Section Scar Massage. The kit contains a silicone sheet, which is made of 100% medical grade silicone and is UV protected to factor 50. Scarban c-section recovery kit also contains silicone soap, which is a gentle cleansing soap, to preserve the life of your silicone strip.



What does silicone do?

Silicone acts as a transdermal water loss barrier – in other words it stops moisture loss from your scar and skin. Acting as a barrier over your scar, this locks in moisture, which in turn helps soften and heal your scar. Your scar will have no SPF protection in, so this silicone strip with its factor 50, helps protect your scar from sun damage. Also, Silicone acts as a physical barrier, to prevent rubbing and friction (from clothing) over your scar. It is an “inert” substance – which mean it does not react with anything, so can be used on most skin types. 


Benefits of the C Section Recovery Kit

  • Helps reduce the redness of your c-section scar
  • Helps soften your c-section scar
  • Can help with tight c-section scars
  • Protects the scar from rubbing on your underwear and clothing.
  • Can be used to help reduce the appearance of scars (alongside C Section Massage)


What's Included in the Scarban C Section Recovery Kit?


  • Silicone sheet (strip)
  • Instructions for use
  • Silicone cleaning wash (to preserve the life of your silicone sheet)



How to Use the C Section Recovery Kit


  • First of all, make sure your scar is closed (and there are no stitches or staples present and no infection).
  • Clean and dry the area before applying the sheet
  • Peel off the sticky plastic back and apply the strip to the c section scar and press firmly
  • Build up the time wearing the silicone strip
  • After each use, please use a pea seized amount of silicone soap under warm water and allow to dry (sticky side up)
  • Once silicone strip has dried fully, you can then start wearing it again
  • You can wear your silicone strip for up to 23 hours a day
  • Do not forget to do scar massage, while you are waiting for your silicone stirp to dry


C-Section Silicone RECOVERY KIT (Scarban)

  • When should you wear the Silicone C Section Strip?

    Firstly, we recommend that you wait until 4- 6 weeks after your C section before using this kit. Please make sure that your scar is closed and there are no stitches or staples and no infection,


    How long will the C Section Recovery Kit last?

    Approximately 6 - 10 weeks.


    Can I wear my Silicone Scar Sheet to go Swimming?

    No, please do not wear your silicone scar sheet in a swimming pool or the sea as the chlorine / salty water can degrade the silicone.


    Can I wear the Silicone Scar Sheet to Exercise?

    Although you can wear it when exercising, we do advise caution. You will want to avoid a big build-up of excess moisture under the silicone, so we recommend not wearing it if you are likely to sweat.


    How do I remove the C Section Silicone Strips?

    You can peel it away from the side whilst pressing down on the skin to add a little tension and remove it slowly.


    How do I Clean the Silicone Scar Sheet?

    Wash the sheet / strip under warm water with the provided silicone cleaning wash / soap (sticky side up). You should then allow it to air dry by the side of the bath or sink (sticky side up). This sheet / strip can then be reapplied once it has fully dried. You can wear the silicone strip while you sleep.



  • Watch Hannah show you what's inside the C Section Recovery kit and how to use it: Watch now

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